DIY Ballet Barre

I have decided to switch around some rooms in my home.  Not that there aren’t a million other things that SHOULD be accomplished first, but I tend to do what makes me happiest, not necessarily what is most logical. I’ll be moving  my work out room downstairs and my creative space/Summer’s Mad Scientist lair upstairs. [...]

Bright Pink Hotpants, and the Sequin Sweater…

I stumbled upon this great article on The Nest (we  LOVE this site!) with 10 great tips for cleaning out your closet.

I did this yesterday and was able to get rid of HALF of my wardrobe! No small feat for someone who loves fashion as much as I do (note: we did find some very [...]

Hello again, dear friend!

jumpin jahosephats! (did I spell that right?) I’ve been gone a long time! I’m back, sorry I’ve  kept you!

I want to now spend some time talking about the people, places, and things that inspire me, and i hope you enjoy!

For starters…

I have recently decided that I shall become a minimalist… eventually.  It is tough for [...]

Somewhere in another hotel room down the way…

Since today’s hotel doesn’t have an outdoor pool Because I am so dedicated to my craft, I decided I should be productive with my 17 hour layover.  Rain on Sunday will be expanding on our range of hand-crafted goods. We are still very much enjoying making the customized vases and will continue making them as [...]

Rain on Sunday Vase Make’s Etsy’s Hand Picked List!

We just opened our Etsy shop a couple days ago, and things have been slow and steady as one would expect for a new shop.

I was about to run the the market when I thought I’d glance at my shop to see if anything new was happening, when my site visit had gone from 60 [...]

Birch Vases Now for Sale!

Hello again my eagerly captive audience fuzzy puppy dog sleeping on my foot! I am pleased to say our first round of handmade luxury,  is now for sale in our Etsy shop! We have 11 handmade, birch vases up for sale and are offering FREE personalizion! Crazy Right!?!

…Crazy….. ….like a fox!

We’re so excited to see [...]

Rain On Sunday now on Etsy

Welcome  friends!

Rain on Sunday has just opened it’s shop on Etsy! Were thrilled to begin this part of our journey, and are glad that you’ve popped in to say hello decided to become a regular guest in our home! If you’ve never experienced Etsy before, it’s a magical place where people like myself and my [...]