DIY Ballet Barre

ballet barreI have decided to switch around some rooms in my home.  Not that there aren’t a million other things that SHOULD be accomplished first, but I tend to do what makes me happiest, not necessarily what is most logical. I’ll be moving  my work out room downstairs and my creative space/Summer’s Mad Scientist lair upstairs. It’s going to  be A LOT of work! Thankfully, I have a very supportive Husband who is going to help my with the heavy lifting (Right, honey?!)

Growing up a dancer and gymnast, I’ve always wanted to have my own studio. What better time than now? Working with the small space I have, I am going to make at least part of that dream happen.  Not just for myself, but I have many little girls in my life that would have fun with it as well (Of course boys are welcome too!) So I am also building and installing a ballet barre in my house! I know a portable one is easier (and kinder to my walls built circa 1908) but I adore  look of a wooden barre, and it feels better too! I will be sure to post pictures when it’s all done.  Here’s an article I found if anyone else is wanting to do the same! Enjoy!

Bright Pink Hotpants, and the Sequin Sweater…

I stumbled upon this great article on The Nest (we  LOVE this site!) with 10 great tips for cleaning out your closet.

I did this yesterday and was able to get rid of HALF of my wardrobe! No small feat for someone who loves fashion as much as I do (note: we did find some very UN-fashionable pieces along the way, more  on this later).
There is much clarity that comes with getting rid of the things you don’t need or treasure.
Now I have this huge pile-o-clothes and accessories that will go to others who really do need them.

I  still have to go through the rest of the house , but I’m actually looking forward to it!

Now…. where to donate?

Goodwill, while convenient, will be my LAST stop, after other organizations.

I will have to make  many stops at multiple venues, but it is important to me that these things  go to those who need them most.  Poor me…. What a terrible problem to have. I have too much stuff . Wah.  In our world where too many  have too little.

If you’re in the PDX area, here are a few places that are worth the extra effort of  tracking down:
Community Warehouse (N. Portland): Furniture, kitchenware, mattresses, basic household goods, sheets, towels, blankets, alarm clocks, etc. go directly to people in need in the Portland area community.

Portland Impact (SE): Gently used furniture, household items, clothing for children and adults, sheets, towels, blankets. Ninety-nine percent of items donated stay in the community (the other 1% are unusable items). They have a large facility where they store donations for people transitioning out of homelessness.

Helping Hands Community Store (SE): Clothing for all ages; professional clothing for men and women. Provides worksite training to area residents who get to shop for free in the store.

Free Geek (SE): This is an easy one: working and non-functional computers and electronics. Trains individuals in need to work on various aspects of refurbishing or recycling computers in exchange for a free computer. Everything they do and stand for is so good.

Dress for Success (NE): Women’s professional, interview-appropriate clothing and accessories. Helps disadvantaged women prepare for the workplace. I think they are really picky about what they’ll accept (extra large sizes seem to be in high demand) so hopefully the donated clothes are going to people in the area.

Children’s Relief Nursery (N. Portland): Baby and children’s clothing (to 5T), baby furniture and gear, toiletries, diapers, books and crafts.They offer therapy, parenting classes and home visits to at-risk area families.

And now,the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader whose been living in my closet my clothes will find a new home…

Hello again, dear friend!

jumpin jahosephats! (did I spell that right?) I’ve been gone a long time! I’m back, sorry I’ve  kept you!

I want to now spend some time talking about the people, places, and things that inspire me, and i hope you enjoy!

For starters…

I have recently decided that I shall become a minimalist… eventually.  It is tough for a girl like me who has sentimental value in most inanimate objects.  I will maintain designated space for my antiques and vintage linens, and other special treasures, but I do want to clean house, if you will. Days  after this decision, I headed to IKEA… I know… Sounds like this is a minimalist FAIL, but in all reality, it is quite the opposite!

I am weeding out the objects that we don’t need. And making space to showcase the things that I truly hold dear.

My favorite thing about IKEA is the AS-IS section, near the check out. It’s actaully the first place I begin any IKEA adventure.  I love salvaging some poor door with no frame, a lamp with no shade, a busted @ss strainer, and making them into functional, beautiful works of art. And I am certainly not the only one!


Somewhere in another hotel room down the way…

Since today’s hotel doesn’t have an outdoor pool Because I am so dedicated to my craft, I decided I should be productive with my 17 hour layover.  Rain on Sunday will be expanding on our range of hand-crafted goods. We are still very much enjoying making the customized vases and will continue making them as long as you keep requesting them, but I also enjoy making other items as well. Here’s a sneak peak of something I am working on, just for fun…


Rain on Sunday Vase Make’s Etsy’s Hand Picked List!

We just opened our Etsy shop a couple days ago, and things have been slow and steady as one would expect for a new shop.

I was about to run the the market when I thought I’d glance at my shop to see if anything new was happening, when my site visit had gone from 60 t0 600 in a day, and so many lovely people “hearted” me (Etsy term of  endearment for one’s shop and or product, a “shout-out” if you will) that I couldn’t help but do the “happy dance” and yell,… “Yes! I heart you too!” Evidently, my Custom Birch Vases had made the hand-picked list! Giving Rain On Sunday a HUGE rush of activity and inquiry! YIPPEEE!

We did encounter a few snafus as I was not expecting so much interest, so suddenly. We are however, ever  so grateful, and thankful for it.

I just wanted to say a great big ol’ Thank You to all those who became Rain On Sunday Customers today, and those who just might will in the very near future.  We appreciate your feedback in letting us know how we can make our products even more to your liking. Please always feel free to express your wants, and we will continue to strive for excellence.



Birch Vases Now for Sale!

Hello again my eagerly captive audience fuzzy puppy dog sleeping on my foot! I am pleased to say our first round of handmade luxury,  is now for sale in our Etsy shop! We have 11 handmade, birch vases up for sale and are offering FREE personalizion! Crazy Right!?!

…Crazy….. ….like a fox!

We’re so excited to see how you respond to them. We truly enjoy making them for you! Ok, I will let you go now so you can go to RainOnSunday Etsy shop…. It’s ok, you hang up first…. I am going into the shop  for some more sanding and a carving, wishing and a hoping……. No really, you hang up! Ok… I love you too.

Until next time…

Rain On Sunday now on Etsy

Welcome  friends!

Rain on Sunday has just opened it’s shop on Etsy! Were thrilled to begin this part of our journey, and are glad that you’ve popped in to say hello decided to become a regular guest in our home! If you’ve never experienced Etsy before, it’s a magical place where people like myself and my Rain On Sunday crew, can create, display, and sell our creative works! If you’re a design junkie like me, prepare yourself with a beverage of choice, and find a little place to nest for at least the next hour… There is so much beauty and creativity to take in on Etsy, it’s  sometimes overwhelming.

Of course, don’t forget why you went there in the first place….. to check out rainonsunday