Rain on Sunday Vase Make’s Etsy’s Hand Picked List!

We just opened our Etsy shop a couple days ago, and things have been slow and steady as one would expect for a new shop.

I was about to run the the market when I thought I’d glance at my shop to see if anything new was happening, when my site visit had gone from 60 t0 600 in a day, and so many lovely people “hearted” me (Etsy term of  endearment for one’s shop and or product, a “shout-out” if you will) that I couldn’t help but do the “happy dance” and yell,… “Yes! I heart you too!” Evidently, my Custom Birch Vases had made the hand-picked list! Giving Rain On Sunday a HUGE rush of activity and inquiry! YIPPEEE!

We did encounter a few snafus as I was not expecting so much interest, so suddenly. We are however, ever  so grateful, and thankful for it.

I just wanted to say a great big ol’ Thank You to all those who became Rain On Sunday Customers today, and those who just might will in the very near future.  We appreciate your feedback in letting us know how we can make our products even more to your liking. Please always feel free to express your wants, and we will continue to strive for excellence.



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