Hello again, dear friend!

jumpin jahosephats! (did I spell that right?) I’ve been gone a long time! I’m back, sorry I’ve  kept you!

I want to now spend some time talking about the people, places, and things that inspire me, and i hope you enjoy!

For starters…

I have recently decided that I shall become a minimalist… eventually.  It is tough for a girl like me who has sentimental value in most inanimate objects.  I will maintain designated space for my antiques and vintage linens, and other special treasures, but I do want to clean house, if you will. Days  after this decision, I headed to IKEA… I know… Sounds like this is a minimalist FAIL, but in all reality, it is quite the opposite!

I am weeding out the objects that we don’t need. And making space to showcase the things that I truly hold dear.

My favorite thing about IKEA is the AS-IS section, near the check out. It’s actaully the first place I begin any IKEA adventure.  I love salvaging some poor door with no frame, a lamp with no shade, a busted @ss strainer, and making them into functional, beautiful works of art. And I am certainly not the only one!

BEHOLD! http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/

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