DIY Ballet Barre

ballet barreI have decided to switch around some rooms in my home.  Not that there aren’t a million other things that SHOULD be accomplished first, but I tend to do what makes me happiest, not necessarily what is most logical. I’ll be moving  my work out room downstairs and my creative space/Summer’s Mad Scientist lair upstairs. It’s going to  be A LOT of work! Thankfully, I have a very supportive Husband who is going to help my with the heavy lifting (Right, honey?!)

Growing up a dancer and gymnast, I’ve always wanted to have my own studio. What better time than now? Working with the small space I have, I am going to make at least part of that dream happen.  Not just for myself, but I have many little girls in my life that would have fun with it as well (Of course boys are welcome too!) So I am also building and installing a ballet barre in my house! I know a portable one is easier (and kinder to my walls built circa 1908) but I adore  look of a wooden barre, and it feels better too! I will be sure to post pictures when it’s all done.  Here’s an article I found if anyone else is wanting to do the same! Enjoy!

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